That Sitting Life

Our bodies are made for movement. Almost every system in the human body thrives and benefits from physical activity; however, due to the nature of work, often times we are stuck in less than ideal situations that force us to sit for long amounts of time. Whether you are typing for hours at the office, sitting at home holding and nursing your baby (that’s right, being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job with ridiculous overtime), or driving and lamenting your 1 hour commute to work, your body will likely start to feel the effects such as neck and back pain and stiffness. Here are 3 tips to combat or prevent these symptoms:

1)      Practice good posture. There’s no such thing as “perfect” posture, but we can minimize stress in our joints and muscles depending on the task at hand. Avoid slouching, and use other aids such as small pillows to support the low back.

2)      Take breaks often. There’s no rule as to how often and how long, but the more you can give your body a ‘movement break’ (you heard me, not a donut break), the better you will feel.

3)      Make sure you are prioritizing physical activity outside of work on a regular basis. Going for brisk walks, playing sports, or joining an exercise class will help to optimize your body for your work.

Be PROACTIVE, not reactive!

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